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Curly Hair Courses with the Curl Company of GSO

June 10, 2021 - August 31, 2022

Find online classes on coloring, cutting, and general education on curls.

Classes include:

Paint Works
You will learn a simple yet versatile and creative way to color curly hair that will enhance the curls and make them pop.

Graduated Crop
You will learn how to achieve a cropped cut on Curly/Textured hair, using both your sheers and you clippers. You may say “I have been doing this cut for years”, if you have not perfected it on Curly, Coily, or Kinky hair… this course is a must.

Bohemian Fringe
You will learn how Wavy, and Curly hair should be cut. How to blend one section to the next to make a flowy beautiful look were each curl lays softly onto the other. Layering Curly hair is a totally different skill set and this course makes it simple and fun to learn.

Sopht Taper
You will learn how to taper curly hair, blending each curl type and texture together, that may be present on one head. You will see what angles to use to create this Sophisticated yet Edgy Curly Taper on any texture.

Bold Bob
You will learn how to give shape to your highly textured Coily/Kinky clients without taking length. Because of the shrinkage that they experience they like to retain as much length as they can in most cases. This course will help you achieve bold shapes and retain length.

Trimming Coily Hair
In this course you will learn why your should cut Coily hair in its natural state, you will learn the technique. You will learn why this skill is so valuable and what to charge for this service. You will have the confidence and skills to execute this service when you finish this detailed course.

Spiral Hair
The spiral curl pattern tends to have medium density and can be a challenge to maintain. Although they can be silky by nature, the curls often require enough product to prevent frizz without added weight. This texture is very common, but can be one of the trickiest to manage. Let’s get started!

You will learn how to enhance and encourage Swavy Wavy hair to appear curlier than it actually is. How to give curl definition, body, volume without frizz.

Tightly Curled
You will learn how to give your client a defined soft fluffy wash and go without heavy products, that will last for many days without frizzing or flaking.

You will learn how to do a wash and go on Coily hair. So many Coily girls feel that they can not wear a wash and go with their texture. They will love you when you show them that they can. This course is a must have!

Wash And Go Coils
Description: Defining Coils is not only possible but simple. Using proper technique and products is key.

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June 10, 2021
August 31, 2022
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